Sunday January 30 2011
Agnelli: 'Juve in transitional year'

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli admits he is “annoyed” at the early Cup exits, but stands by Gigi Del Neri's work in a transitional year.

The Bianconeri crashed out of the Europa League in the first round without a single win and lost 2-0 at home to Roma in the Coppa Italia quarter-final this week.

“We want to send a clear message to the media and the fans,” said Agnelli in a Press conference.

“We are here to explain where we are and where we want to go. The rest is just cheap talk.

“We read many different theories, including that Marcello Lippi and Luciano Spalletti are coming to Turin. I can tell you it's all rubbish.

“Juventus have the utmost faith in Del Neri and the staff, so the Coach can relax. He is doing fine work.

“What we need is to be consistent,” continued the President. “We did not go over the top before and will not get depressed now. The players must step on to the field and give their all for 95 minutes. That is all I ask, then in May we'll evaluate the situation.

“There were many negative records last season and this means the financial situation is a delicate one. We have to deal with the lack of Champions League qualification, the construction of the new stadium and the change in pay-per-view television rights.

“Our wages are the sixth highest in Europe. We end this year with a significant loss. That does not change our plans and ambitions, which are up to the standard of a winning tradition.”

However, Agnelli does not disguise that the early exit from the competitions did irritate him.

“I was a bit annoyed, as I like to win. I go to the stadium with passion and always want at least a 3-0 victory, but when I get into the office I have my managerial hat on and know what we're working with.

“We knew this was going to be a difficult year and there is work to be done. If we're in the same position a year from now, then we'll have a problem.”