Saturday February 5 2011
Rossi: 'If Juve are like the Iraq war...'

Palermo boss Delio Rossi has blasted Juventus for “whinging” about refereeing errors, comparing it to “media coverage of Iraq and Darfur.”

The Sicilians have complained of mistakes throughout the season, but felt the newspapers and television put more focus on when Juve were denied a spot-kick for Cesare Bovo's handling offence.

“I think Juve's whinging got more coverage than the Watergate scandal. The thing that irritates me is that the media and institutions didn't lift a finger when we were continually hit by refereeing errors,” slammed Rossi.

“This time they are making statements and in my view, if someone is penalised, then one should always be up in arms about it on principle.

“I pay my licence fee and saw on television that everyone talked about Iraq and the Gulf War, but nobody mentions the conflict in Darfur.

“If we are to be indignant about war, then we should be in every case. Instead it seems as if the Darfur situation isn't ‘important' because there's no oil involved.”

Back on the field, Palermo travel to on-form Lecce without Mauricio Pinilla, Federico Balzaretti and Dorin Goian.

Bovo is also a major risk, while Fabio Liverani has been dropped ahead of a probable contract termination.

“I honestly don't know what line-up to play from the start. Lecce certainly feel more confident on home turf, but Palermo play the same way wherever they are.”

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