Tuesday February 8 2011
Miccoli: 'What happened at Lecce'

Fabrizio Miccoli reveals what happened after he wept at scoring a goal against his beloved Lecce. “It's my fault this situation happens every time.”

The Palermo captain curled in a free kick to equalise on the stroke of half-time on Sunday and was visibly upset, then did not come back out for the second half.

“I promised I wouldn't talk about this for a while, but so much has been said that I now have to,” explained Lecce native Miccoli in a Press conference.

“It's my fault this situation happens every time, as I feel so close to my home land and it's something personal I wish I could keep to myself.

“It is not true that I asked to be substituted. I was upset, sat away from the squad in the locker room and the Coach saw that, so decided to replace me for my own good and that of the team. It must've worked, as Palermo scored three goals in 10 minutes,” he said of the 4-2 victory.

Many have asked why Miccoli has never played for Lecce if he is so fond of the club, but he revealed some more background information.

“I have made a promise to come to Lecce one day and for 15 years have been saying it. Every transfer session my name is bandied about, but the truth is that there has never been an offer, not even when I went to Benfica and personally asked President Rico Semeraro to sign me at Lecce.

“I feel important for Palermo and wear the captain's armband with pride. I have no intention of leaving, have always given my all and will continue to do so.

“President Maurizio Zamparini always put his faith in me. Our rapport is less that of employer and employee, more one of father and son. If I wanted to leave Palermo then I would've done it when Birmingham called in the summer.”