Tuesday February 8 2011
Palermo fans: 'Don't fire Rossi!'

Palermo fans have publicly pleaded with President Maurizio Zamparini not to fire Delio Rossi. “Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot.”

The supporters released a petition after the patron repeatedly criticised his Coach in public.

“Dear President, football in Palermo is inextricably tied to the figure of Maurizio Zamparini,” read the petition.

“Since your arrival at Palermo, things have changed and the club grew rapidly. The fans believe this club has finally found the right man in Delio Rossi to push on this project based on young talent.

“Right in the moment when we should be most united and happy with our performances, not a day goes by in which we don't read about some friction, row or split between you and the Coach that will inevitably lead to the end of this rapport when the season comes to a close.

“The results are constructed together with team work. Even from within the heart of the team with Fabrizio Miccoli, Giulio Migliaccio and Javier Pastore, there have been comments warning about this.

“The Coach is working very well, the team is with him, the fans share and respect his ideas, the table and performances speak clearly. Therefore, why should we shoot ourselves in the foot?”

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