Sunday November 7 2010
Rossi: 'Pastore has much to learn'

Delio Rossi feels he has much to teach Javier Pastore. “He's a scene-stealer, but he's young and as a Coach I must improve his other qualities.”

Palermo secured a 1-0 victory over Genoa this evening to end their run of four straight defeats between Serie A and the Europa League.

“In my view it is a mistake to look at these wider trends, as a Coach must see what is happening in the moment, what areas to work on.”

Pastore was again the star with a delightful back-heel flick to set up Mauricio Pinilla's goal.

“He is a scene-stealer, but as a Coach I must improve him not in his back-heels or the things the media like to talk about, but in the other areas that can turn him into a player of the highest level.

“Javier was certainly tired at the end, because when training youngsters, they don't know you have to keep possession when running out of fuel. This is the difference between youngsters and those with experience, but the only way to get experience is to play.

“We chose this approach, to focus on young players, so there is always a risk and we must give them the time and patience to grow.”

The atmosphere at the Stadio Barbera has been tense this week with director of sport Walter Sabatini handing in his resignation.

“He is a person I respect both as a professional and a man, so I cannot split the two elements,” said Rossi.

“I am particularly close to him and it is enormously disappointing to see him go, especially as I'm not entirely clear what caused it. I only know there was a discussion that led to the divorce.”

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