Saturday February 12 2011
Leonardo: 'Juve-Inter to be a battle'

Leonardo's first Derby d'Italia is “part of a long history and rivalry. When there's a battle, Inter can be counted on, but I'm bored of Calciopoli.”

Sunday night sees the two arch rivals come face to face, so talk of the Calciopoli scandal and fate of the 2004-05 and 2005-06 titles has been on the front pages again.

“I think anything I could say about Juventus-Inter has already been said,” noted the Brazilian.

“This fixture is part of a long history and rivalry. I expect a battle and when there's a battle, Inter can be counted on, of that I am sure. We've never looked for a result that wasn't a victory and we'll do the same tomorrow night.

“Not just for me, but all of Inter, this game represents enormous motivation. It's one of the biggest tests of the season. However, I don't really care about Calciopoli and I think people are bored of this talk now.”

Leonardo has taken a very Brazilian approach to Serie A management, including last week's 5-3 win over Roma.

“I watched back all the goals we conceded and I'm even less worried than before. I don't know how many goals we've scored and conceded, but I am satisfied with the overall results.”

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