Sunday February 13 2011
Rossi responds to Zampa criticism

Delio Rossi tried to keep Palermo focused on the lunchtime kick-off with Fiorentina, but was drawn into the row with President Maurizio Zamparini.

“Fiorentina are a great squad, even if they're not having the same results as in recent years, but I believe that can happen during an era,” said the Coach ahead of their 11.30am UK time start.

“The important thing is that we play football, as there's no point in the long ball game when we don't have the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic upfront.”

Mattia Cassani, Mauricio Pinilla and Fabio Liverani are out of action, so Rossi has to reshuffle the defence.

Palermo's concentration levels are understandably shaky at the moment after fans created a petition urging President Zamparini not to part company with his Coach.

“Does Zamparini want me to become the Sir Alex Ferguson of Palermo? We haven't spoken about that recently, but it sounds like the opposite of what he said a while back,” noted Rossi.

“He wanted a Coach who would follow the club's policies, that's what I am now and I really couldn't think of what more to do.

“We are the youngest average team in Italy, the second youngest in Europe, and I am working with the club's plans.

“The fans love me because I don't make promises, so I only focus on working. Could I join Fiorentina next season? I only look at the present and what I have around me now is Palermo.”