Sunday February 13 2011
Rosi: 'Lavezzi elbowed, then we spat'

Aleandro Rosi explains what happened with Ezequiel Lavezzi. “We spat at each other, but he elbowed me first.”

The two clashed in an off the ball incident during the first half of Napoli's 2-0 win away to Roma.

“Lavezzi elbowed me when we were off the ball and from there it all escalated,” explained Rosi.

“He got angry and so did I. The referee didn't spot it, as he was very sneaky to elbow me like that and he knows it.”

Rosi was caught on camera spitting at Lavezzi in retaliation and the two almost came to blows, so video evidence is possible.

“Now don't go blaming it all on me,” slammed Rosi. “Lavezzi was irritable from the start, he provoked me, elbowed me in the stomach and from that moment we got into a row.

“I spat in his general direction, but I did not get him in the face. I accept advice from those who tell me not to react that way, but he elbowed me first and it all started from there.”

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