Sunday February 13 2011
De Laurentiis: 'No video evidence'

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis is confident Ezequiel Lavezzi and Aleandro Rosi won't be punished using video evidence.

The two players clashed during last night's 2-0 win at Roma and were caught on camera spitting at each other in an off-the-ball incident.

“Lavezzi was provoked and even explained to the referee how things went,” said the club patron.

“Besides, he cannot be penalised using video evidence because the referee booked them both during the game.

“The official made his decision and sanctioned the behaviour on the field, therefore the rules on video evidence do not apply here.

“I am not worried by this, nor by the general euphoria around the team. For the Scudetto, we'll see what happens week by week. The players must be kept on their toes and enjoy their football, not get swept up by the anxiety of targets.”

When asked if he had eliminated one of the challengers from the title race, De Laurentiis was bullish.

“Roma are not our rivals. We are the third biggest club in Italy in terms of average attendances and have more fans overseas than they do.”