Tuesday February 15 2011
Mutu call to 'Romanian gangster'

Adrian Mutu is in trouble again after the Fiorentina striker's phone call with an alleged Romanian gangster was wiretapped.

“It was not a business call, but just a conversation between people who have known each other for 10 years and was recorded at least two or three years ago,” said Mutu's agent Pietro Chiodi.

The striker was speaking to Nuredin Beinur, who is currently on trial in Romania for corruption, bribery and violent intimidation.

“It was just a phone call among thousands,” continued Chiodi. “The fact this was leaked to the newspapers is purely because of a strange curiosity the media in his country have always had about Mutu.”

According to reports in Romania, the conversation had Mutu complaining he had to pay the bill at a restaurant owned by Beinur and the man on trial apologised.

It is also alleged Beinur wanted to offer Mutu a free villa in a tourist spot to raise the public image of the area.

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