Friday February 18 2011
Jordan hits back at Gattuso

Joe Jordan has rubbished claims made by Gennaro Gattuso's agent regarding why the two men clashed at San Siro in midweek.

The Milan midfielder confronted the Tottenham Coach both during and after the Champions League tie on Tuesday.

Gattuso's representative later claimed that the Scot had branded the player a 'f***ing Italian b***ard', an allegation Jordan has strongly denied.

Speaking exclusively to Sportsmail, Jordan said: "It's pathetic. Completely and utterly untrue and quite pathetic.

"It's just a nonsense, it really is. It's a figment of his imagination and, I have to say, not a great imagination at that.

"If he wanted to try and explain his behaviour, you would have thought he might have come up with something better than that.

"He will have to address his conduct overall and account for himself to UEFA, but the allegation he has made is something else.

"I'm not having that, because Italy has played an important part in my life and will continue to."

Jordan spent time in the peninsula as a player with Milan and Verona, while his daughter is currently working in Milan as a teacher.

"If I'm not visiting her, I'm renewing friendships in Milan and Verona that have lasted from my time playing out there," he added.

"I love Italy and have always had an affinity with the people. Does that sound like someone who would come out with the sort of line Gattuso has got his agent to say?

"I have no idea why he got so heated, other than he does seem to have a reputation as a volatile character who lets things get to him.

"It may have looked like he was targeting only me, but they were by no means isolated incidents."

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