Tuesday February 22 2011
Sensi: 'Why we chose Montella'

Roma President Rosella Sensi explained why she hired Vincenzo Montella. “We consider him the right person for his character and sense of belonging.”

The former player and current youth academy boss was brought in after Claudio Ranieri tended his resignation on Sunday.

“Montella was a choice we considered carefully,” assured President Sensi.

“We consider him to be the right person at this moment in terms of his football background, character and sense of belonging.

“Montella has been bonded to these club colours for many years and continues to give a great deal for the jersey.

“He accepted the position with enthusiasm and determination. I don't think he will limit himself to riding out the rest of the season, but aims to transmit his mentality to the lads.”

There are reports Montella is merely a caretaker manager until Carlo Ancelotti can come in next term, while other candidates for the role right now included Serse Cosmi, Carlo Mazzone and youth team Coach Alberto De Rossi.

“Several names were taken into consideration, we discussed it among the directors and at the end of the day the objective is always to make the most opportune choices,” continued Sensi.

“There are some who always want to make me seem like the scapegoat, but I continue doing my work with the utmost enthusiasm.

“I have a thick enough skin to support anything, but it doesn't please me to see my mother and my family suffer because someone wants to discredit me. I am tired and fed up.”