Thursday February 24 2011
Bari ultras told to calm protests

Bari fans are now arguing among themselves, as an ultra' leader has urged them to stop the kicking and spitting of recent violent protests.

The supporters are furious and feel relegation is inevitable after falling 11 points behind the safety zone.

However, recent protests at the training ground have gone too far with players physically attacked, kicked and even spat at.

“I expected the fans to protest and consider it legitimate for them to let their voices be heard, as long as they don't go over the top,” ultra leader Alberto Savarese, known as Il Parigino, told TeleBari.

“In all honesty, they could've avoided the spitting and kicking, because often the same players who are attacked then tend to be approached for a photo or autograph.

“I tell all the fans that there are right ways you can protest and there are wrong ways.”

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