Tuesday November 9 2010
'Napoli want to be up there'

Napoli boss Walter Mazzarri has made no secret of the fact his side wants to finish in the upper echelons of the table this season.

The Partenopei currently lie fifth in Serie A and travel to Cagliari tomorrow evening.

"Up until now I am satisfied. If we had been working without the Europa League like last year, considering the difficulties that I had, three or four points more could have been within our reach.

"We have a precise identity and that is certainly an added advantage. Anyway I am satisfied. It was difficult to foresee having so many points in the 10th week of the season.

"We are playing a lot. When we finish this cycle against Lazio on Sunday, we will have played eight games against top class opponents.

"I am always interested in winning. When we are set up well on the pitch, it's difficult to put us down.

"We are solid and our opponents struggle: it's our trademark."