Sunday February 27 2011
Guidolin consoles 'his' Palermo

Francesco Guidolin was caught between celebrating Udinese's 7-0 triumph and consoling his former Palermo fans.

“At a certain point, we really took our foot off the accelerator,” confessed the Coach against a Rosanero side with nine men.

“The respect I have for Delio Rossi, for Palermo and this city goes well beyond the final result. It was a nasty thrashing for them, but it will pass.

“I believe it is only a bump in the road for the Rosanero, while for us it is proof that we are in great shape.”

With Juventus and Lazio losing this weekend, plus Roma's home draw, Udinese are just one point shy of fourth place.

“We're not hiding our Champions League ambitions and have made that clear since we secured safety. We'll see what happens from here on in, without setting limits and without getting drunk on success.

“This is a wonderful victory, but even a 7-0 result is still worth only three points.”