Tuesday March 1 2011
Adriano: 'I made a mistake'

Adriano admits he “made a mistake and apologise” for delaying his return from Brazil and missing Roma appointments. “I'm ready for anything.”

The club announced he was “unprofessional and indefensible” in his behaviour after repeatedly missing flights back from his homeland and on Sunday failing to turn up to a medical.

“I had a check-up and it was originally set for the 26th, then moved to Sunday. I thought I was going to have that check-up in a clinic, but instead it was at the Trigoria training ground,” Adriano told Sky Sport Italia.

“I know that they don't have the right equipment there and in the end I didn't feel well. I made a mistake in not going and was angry, but I hurt myself more than anyone else.

“I apologise to the fans and to everybody. In this year I have often been injured and unable to give my contribution. This made things difficult for me and made the situation worse.

“Now I apologise and hope I can soon give Roma a helping hand.”

There are reports the club is ready to terminate Adriano's contract by mutual consent after this latest behaviour.

“What is in my future? Now we'll see, but I am ready for anything and if they want to talk, then I'm here. I made a mistake, but I don't think there was any need for all this controversy.”