Tuesday March 1 2011
Napoli chief has Milan penalty regrets

Napoli director of sport Riccardo Bigon vented his frustration at officials after the 3-0 defeat to Milan. “The penalty changed the game.”

The Vesuviani were beaten at San Siro in last night's Scudetto showdown, but the deadlock was broken by a controversial spot-kick for Salvatore Aronica's handling offence.

“I never make an issue of refereeing performance, but this theory of ‘I've seen them given' is getting tiring,” Bigon told Radio Marte.

“You can get one offside decision wrong, maybe even two, but not four. The penalty was also talked about in the media with that ‘I've seen them given' approach.

“You win and you lose, but when you lose then you have to understand where you went wrong and analyse the mistakes.

“We cannot do that about last night's game with the right clear-headed view, because the penalty incident changed the game.”

Napoli are now in third place and six points adrift of the Serie A leaders, but Bigon feels they are still in the Scudetto race.

“Of course there are regrets and we would've liked to analyse a defeat based only on our own errors and not other elements, but when Milan play like that, it is difficult for any opponent.

“We mustn't forget all the good work we have done up until now.

“The next test with Brescia will be the most important of the season, just like the one after that and so forth. The support of our public is going to be crucial.”