Wednesday March 2 2011
Mou would leave for Italy or England

Jose Mourinho claims that if he were to leave Real Madrid at some stage in the future it would be for a big club either in England or Italy.

The Special One has grown particularly frustrated with the Spanish media's insistence on reporting how Real Madrid were better off in terms of points under Manuel Pellegrini this time last year.

"If Real Madrid were to sack me, I wouldn't go and coach Malaga," Mourinho said in an attack on Pellegrini. "I would go to a big club in England or Italy.

"The fact that last year Real Madrid had more points in the table is true. Just as it's true that last season we were top of the table.

"But it's also true that we weren't in the Final of the Copa del Rey, were already out of the Champions League and hadn't drawn with Lyon, but lost. I don't see any problems making a comparison between the two seasons as long as they are honest."