Wednesday March 2 2011
Cassano: 'Ibra is wild, like me'

Antonio Cassano feels he might be related to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. “He's wild, like me. Maybe he's got a grandfather from Bari Vecchia...”

The Milan teammates get along famously and are forming a strong strike partnership, particularly as both are known for their fiery personalities. Cassano has always made his childhood in the slums of Bari part of his character and feels strange so far up north.

“Gennaro Gattuso speaks Milanese now, he's been here so long, therefore I am clearly more of a terrone (southerner) than he is,” grinned FantAntonio in GQ Italia.

“Ibra is wild, like me. Maybe he's got a grandfather from Bari Vecchia... Alexandre Pato is scarily talented, as there isn't anyone that good at that age.

“I am super happy to have come to Milan and we've got to win the Scudetto, but it's tough for me to live here. I need to get used to it. My mother and my cousin Nicola gave up after three days of fog and went back to my old house by the sea.”

He declared his intention to return to Genoa one day after his rapport with Sampdoria ended in a row with President Riccardo Garrone, the latest of many outbursts that affected his career.

“There was a time when my head just refused to grow up. Some, like Fabio Capello, tried to put me on the right track, but there was nothing to be done.

“Massimiliano Allegri is a good guy, he knows how to approach me. I must also thank Cesare Prandelli for all he has done.

“Now I am expecting a child and it's an uphill struggle, as soon my kid will know all the dumb things I did! It will be tough being credible at that point... but I'll manage it.

“Just two things really count: the first is education and the second having a ball between your feet. The boy is showing positive signs already, as he constantly kicks in his mother's tummy. Both right and left footed.”