Saturday March 5 2011
Krasic: 'I am not a diver!'

Milos Krasic prepares for tonight's Juventus-Milan showdown and insists: “I am not a diver and it really hurts that they think that.”

The Serb has already been suspended for simulating to win a penalty against Bologna and booked several times for going down too easily since then, meaning he has often not been awarded a free kick even when it was deserved.

“The referees do their job and I do mine. I'd like to say to them: I am not a diver and it really hurts that they think that,” Krasic told Tuttosport.

“It's a very difficult and unfair situation, as I am still being judged by the Bologna incident. I'd like to extend a hand to the referees, as I understand their work is difficult, but they should study the way I play.

“I am someone who dribbled with the ball a great deal and this means I am often fouled, including incidents that are not punished now. I'm used to it, but would hate for that Bologna penalty to be an indelible mark on me.”

Krasic is set to star in tonight's Serie A clash with leaders Milan and it is the chance for Juventus to get back on their feet following two consecutive losses to Lecce and Bologna.

“It is a psychological issue and I'm sure we'll emerge from it, especially if we stay united. This squad is not worthy of the scrap heap, despite what recent results might suggest.

“We tend to stat well, then when we concede we react in the wrong way. We end up panicking rather than remaining calm and concentrated. We're a strong side and must believe in ourselves.”

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