Wednesday November 10 2010
Zebina asks Juve fans for respect

Brescia defender Jonathan Zebina has asked Juventus fans for a little respect in recognition of his time at the club.

The veteran Frenchman left Turin this summer after six seasons and although he went down with the club to Serie B, the fans can't stand him.

Interviewed in Il Corriere della Sera, Zebina said: "The official reason [why they don't like me] is that I was always injured.

"But frankly I can't find anything that justifies so much hate. I have always behaved professionally, trying to play games like the one I did at San Siro for Brescia in which I showed that I am an integral players, even if many people try to suggest the opposite.

"The relegation to Serie B [after Calciopoli in 2006] was tough to deal with both from an emotional and a results point of view. The team was completely dismantled.

"That was a great team and if you look at the games no one can deny Juve's superiority.

"I could have gone to Real Madrid and to Milan. Carlo Ancelotti called me, but I wanted to get back to winning with Juventus.

"I didn't find strong support from a medical point of view. If you are injured [at Juve], you are injured forever. Alternatively, there is someone who hasn't done their job properly."

Reflecting on his departure from Juventus, he said: "Me and the others were asked to leave.

"I shook Andrea Agnelli's hand and wished him the best. I would have liked an experience abroad, but I liked what the Brescia President had to say. The human aspect is also important.

"I have found myself again at Brescia," he concluded.