Monday March 7 2011
Moggi explains no show

Luciano Moggi has explained why he didn't attend Saturday's match between Juventus and Milan in Turin.

The disgraced former general manager was due to make his first high profile appearance back at Juventus since Calciopoli.

Interviewed on Diretta Stadio, he said: "The principal reason for which I didn't go to the stadium on Saturday evening was of a personal character [his mother required an operation].

"But aside from this, if I had gone to Turin I would have been welcomed by the applause of the fans in a moment in which the team is not doing well, and this wouldn't have been OK with me.

"I will go to see Juventus when they win some games. I would like to thank the fans again because [their chanting of his name] means that I have left a good memory, but I didn't like the idea of receiving their applause in a moment like this."

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