Thursday March 10 2011
Galliani defends Italian game

Adriano Galliani feels Milan can leave the Champions League with their heads held high and that the Italian game isn't completely in decline.

Milan drew 0-0 at White Hart Lane on Wednesday night, but went out 1-0 on aggregate to Tottenham with the regret of not having done more in the first leg.

"We need to look at the positive aspects of this game. We were only missing a goal," Galliani said.

"We have a great chance with the ball that leaped towards their goal-line. We dominated in possession. We also didn't concede any shots on target.

"The difference between Gigi Buffon getting a hand to a ball and it going in, and Robinho's shot, which Gallas saved on the line is nothing.

"We conceded on the counter in the first leg. I had nothing to tell the lads off for.

"We missed a goal by five centimetres, tiredness has got nothing to do with it. I am satisfied with Milan's performance.

"We need to have the maturity to accept defeat above all when they arrive this way. We are out, but we have honoured the game of football.

"We mustn't forget that in the last 10 years, Italian clubs have won the Champions League three times.

"I think that the Europa League and the Champions League should have two separate rankings because it's not right that if you do badly in one competition you then suffer the consequences in another."