Thursday March 10 2011
Ventura writes off Roma and Juve

Former Bari Coach Giampiero Ventura doesn't believe Juventus or Roma will qualify for next year's Champions League.

The veteran tactician thinks that Udinese, Lazio and Napoli are the main contenders to finish in fourth spot this season.

"Udinese can overtake Lazio and reach Napoli who are in flux," Ventura said. "Udinese are very convincing.

"I only see Udinese, Napoli and Lazio for that position. I don't believe that the others will do it, not for the gap in the table, but for the fact that they are going through very difficult moment."

Asked about Alexis Sanchez, he said: "I know Gianpaolo Pozzo and I'd say that he is worth €50m. That way he would be happy! Joking!!

"But Sanchez has already shown his worth at the World Cup. He is a player who can make the difference."