Friday March 11 2011
Del Neri won't resign

Juventus Coach Gigi Del Neri has told reporters that even in the darkest moments of this season he has hasn't thought about offering his resignation.

The pressure is mounting on Del Neri after three straight defeats in Serie A left Juventus out of the running for a place in next year's Champions League.

Speaking ahead of Saturday's match against Cesena, he said: "The thought of resigning hasn't at all flashed into my head.

"There are 10 finals left and we count on not making any more mistakes. Then there are also the other teams. We still have objectives to fight for every Sunday.

"You can't think that things are always going to go well. Here we live in an environment were a victory is normal while it's the opposite for a defeat, never mind two.

"Now I count on a strong Juve, like the one seen against Milan with more quality."

Asked if he expects to stay on next season, Del Neri said: "It depends on results. We have the desire and the strength to go forward.

"We want to change this moment by obtaining good results. I feel the club is club and I am calm for this reason," he concluded.