Saturday March 12 2011
Nagatomo 'distraught' at Japan quake

Inter full-back Yuto Nagatomo explained how he felt playing on the night of the tragedy in Japan. “I was distraught.”

His homeland was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes of all time on Friday morning and it sparked a deadly tsunami.

“It was terrifying and I was distraught,” explained Nagatomo after a 1-1 draw at Brescia last night.

“Even before the game I felt my head spinning, as I kept thinking back to what was happening in Japan.

“At the starting whistle, I managed to put aside those ugly thoughts and concentrate on the game.

“The good thing about being a professional football player is that it's my duty to do my best and in that way reassure my people.

“I spoke to my family and thankfully they are alright.”

Inter played with black armbands last night for those who died in Japan and Catania, who have Taka Morimoto in their ranks, will do the same on Sunday.

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