Sunday March 13 2011
Lotito: 'Lasers cost us the derby'

Lazio President Claudio Lotito blasted Roma's fans and the referee, blaming lasers for their defeat. “The best team didn't win.”

Video footage showed green lasers flashed in goalkeeper Nando Muslera's eyes during the Rome derby, including the free kick and penalty that allowed Francesco Totti to score.

“In my view, the best team didn't win,” said a furious Lotito. “Winning with a free kick and a penalty does not mean you're the best.

“The lasers from the stands are something that just should not happen. Lasers stop players from keeping their concentration and can also cause serious eyesight problems.

“It is unsporting behaviour and the referee did nothing to stop it from happening again. Muslera told him several times, but he did nothing. It's not as if Muslera could leave the goal in protest, otherwise he'd be punished.

“Roma won due to incidents, much like other occasions, although it's true Lazio did not play up to their usual standards.”