Tuesday March 15 2011
Rossi: 'Ibra didn't apologise'

Bari defender Marco Rossi has been punched off the ball by both Cristian Chivu and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. “At least Chivu apologised.”

The Italian seems to be at the centre of attention, as he was punched in the head during an off the ball incident with Inter's Chivu.

This weekend he was poked in the ribs by Ibrahimovic and sent off, leading to a three-match ban for the Milan striker.

“I feel swept up by events that I didn't really contribute to,” Rossi told Striscia La Notizia.

“I was suddenly struck by both Chivu and Ibra, despite the fact we hadn't crossed paths in the preceding moves.

“Chivu's punch was straight to my head, so it was much more painful. At least Chivu apologised by phoning me the next day. There hasn't been the slightest sign of contact with Ibra.”

Some have called the three-match ban harsh, especially as it will rule Ibrahimovic out of the Scudetto-deciding Milan derby.

“It was violent conduct and had absolutely nothing to do with going for the ball, so I guess it was the right decision.”

It's not Rossi's first time in the spotlight, as he revealed an ugly coming-together with ex-Lazio striker Simone Inzaghi.

“Don't make me out to be a punching bag! I don't talk much on the field and I fight hard, albeit with fair play.

“It's true that three years ago I lost a tooth when Inzaghi elbowed me during Parma-Atalanta. The day after, the groundsman found my tooth on the pitch and my dentist was able to re-attach it.

“I hope that I never get to that point of striking an opponent, as it's not setting a good example. If one day I do make a mistake, at least I can say I've been provoked enough times...”

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