Tuesday March 15 2011
Eto'o: 'Italian media is weird'

Samuel Eto'o claims the Italian media is “weird. Whoever shouts the loudest gets respected. You talked more about Mario Balotelli than Inter's Treble.”

The Cameroon international is having his second season in Serie A and admits some aspects of the culture still confuse him.

“Italy is a weird country,” he told the Corriere della Sera. “Here whoever shouts loudest and makes more trouble gets respected. You Italians love to make life difficult for yourselves.

“Last season Inter achieved an historic moment by winning the Treble, yet you talked more about my ‘little brother' Balotelli's problems than the trophies we won together.”

Eto'o also commented on the recent news stories emerging from Africa and the Middle East, as he has organised a charity event for the children of Cameroon featuring Francesco Totti, Jose Mourinho and Bill Clinton.

“Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are crying out for democracy, work and freedom. Everything must happen in the best interests of those people, not for a new elite or, even worse, foreign powers.

“Who has never been to Africa cannot comprehend the level of desperation. I realise Italians and the rest of Europe are afraid of immigrants taking away their jobs, but nobody is doing anything to resolve the problem. That's true of the African governments as much as the Western powers.”