Wednesday March 16 2011
Materazzi: 'Schweinsteiger provoked!'

Marco Materazzi hit back at Bastian Schweinsteiger's accusations. “If anyone was trying to provoke, it was him. Although...”

Inter's epic comeback to win 3-2 in Munich last night prompted the Bayern midfielder to say Matrix “did nothing but try and provoke even from the dressing room.”

The veteran defender wasted no time in answering back with a statement on his official website.

“Just a few words dedicated to Schweinsteiger, who just to be original said I provoke people,” wrote Materazzi.

“It's a shame he had been talking about us for at least two weeks. He said it would be revenge for the Champions League Final they lost in Madrid.

“He was curious to see if we would play ‘like Italians.' Said he only knew the faces of the Milan players. He'll know ours now too, I expect.

“Lucky he said I was the one stirring up trouble. If anyone was trying to provoke, it was him. Although... he might be referring to the moment when I told him it was better to talk after a victory rather than before...”

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