Thursday March 17 2011
Floro Flores reborn in Genoa

Antonio Floro Flores claims he is reborn at Genoa, but also says he has former Udinese teammate Toto Di Natale to thank for his upsurge in form.

The 27-year-old arrived at Marassi in January after turning down the chance to join Juventus. He has scored two goals.

Interviewed in La Gazzetta dello Sport, he said: "And to think that when I arrived here there were protests. I confess that I said to myself: 'What am I doing?'

"Instead, it's all extraordinary here. I am still tied to Udine, where I'll return and finish my career. But Genoa have won me over.

"You're always improving. I had an example: Di Natale, who has entered into Udinese's history.

"I have taken something from him in the penalty area. He made me understand that to score you don't need strength, but precision. The two goals I've scored with Genoa are an example."