Friday March 18 2011
Lanzafame blasts Del Neri's Juve

The agent of Davide Lanzafame has hit out at Juventus under the guidance of Gigi Del Neri. "They're seventh, 20 points behind Milan…"

Lanzafame left Juventus for Brescia in January and comes up against the club that still owns him this weekend.

"He started well in the Europa League during the summer," Giovanni Lanzafame, the player's agent and brother, noted.

"However, he was badly used in Del Neri's 4-4-2. He was played out of position, a bit like Jorge Martinez.

"Del Neri perhaps thought that he could adapt a few players to his system, but I don't think the results are proving him right. Juve are seventh, 20 points behind Milan…"

Lanzafame will go back to the Turin giants in the summer, although his future is far from certain.

"In June he'll return to Juventus to prepare for the Europa League if Juve get there, then we'll see," his representative added.

"He's still co-owned with Palermo and we'll have to wait and see how things are resolved. His chances of staying in Turin? Well, if Antonio Conte arrived…"

Siena boss Conte, suggested as a possible replacement for Del Neri in the summer, has bossed the attacker before during their spell together at Bari.