Wednesday March 23 2011
Blanc: New stadium is strong signal

Juventus administrator delegate Jean-Claude Blanc believes that the construction of a new stadium to is a strong signal.

The Bianconeri are leading the way in Italy by following the English model in building a privately owned ground from which they can profit on a commercial basis.

"The new stadium opens new prospects for the future," Blanc said. "It's a strong signal.

"We'll see at the end of the season how Juventus finish, but with a new ground a virtuous circle begins in terms of revenue that will bring about new investments.

"The decision was taken after a grave event for the club five years ago. We'll have the capacity to bring new players to the most modern stadium in Europe starting from next August.

"We have comforting signals. Seventy five per cent of the Premium seats have already been sold. The season tickets will go on sale at the end of May and we'll see how they go.

"Of course the Juventus fans should be confident in the club's ability to look forward," he concluded.

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