Thursday March 24 2011
Mauri: Too much negativity at Lazio

Stefano Mauri has taken the bold decision to attack Lazio's fans for transmitting too much negativity to the players.

Lazio have often been whistled this season despite being firmly ensconced in the top five for most if not all of the campaign.

Their fifth defeat in a row to Roma in the Derby Capitolino has added to the pressure even though Lazio are still above their rivals in the table.

"I've been at Lazio for five years," Mauri said. "I know very well that there has always been a certain kind of protest among the fans above all towards the directors.

"But the fans don't pick the formation. By now we are used to it but a little negativity stays with you.

"Edy Reja is not having a good time with the situation that has been created.

"He is doing a great job, but the fans have taken aim at him a little above all for the derby that we lost.

"He has our respect and that of the President, but it's obvious that this atmosphere can't but influence his decisions.

"We'll see what happens in the next few games and then decide what to do."

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