Saturday March 26 2011
Prandelli: 'Midfield was key'

Cesare Prandelli said in his post-match Press conference that “dominating the midfield was the key” as Italy gain in confidence.

“I saw a good game between two teams who tried to win it with good football,” he said of the 1-0 victory on Friday night.

“After the result we can say that we were a bit better than Slovenia, but nothing changes in my view of the side.”

The win puts the Azzurri six points clear at the top of Euro 2012 qualifying Group C.

“It is certainly not a decisive result, but obviously when you win convincingly then that confidence grows, you feel better about playing in a certain style and that is what we've been working on.

“We needed to dominate the midfield and I think that's the key to this match.”

Straight after the game, Prandelli joked about those who said this Italy was a ‘Serie B side.'

“Scepticism is just as important as optimism. You need to keep a balance, aware you're facing good teams, and realise at times criticism can stimulate some players.

“Being considered a ‘Serie B side' probably fired up some figures and got even more out of them.”