Today's front page headlines from La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport.

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Italy pays the price

After Blatter, Zidane gave us another ‘headbutt’ by picking Uruguay, England and Costa Rica

Tough games, long journeys and humidity

France instead pick Switzerland, Honduras and Ecuador

Prandelli: ‘It is the Group of Death, but I fear the heat more’

Vidal-Chiellini plus Buffon, Juve are unstoppable

A 2-0 victory in Bologna is their seventh in a row

Buffon sets a new personal best in a single campaign of 640 minutes without conceding

Bianconeri go six points clear of Roma, who will face Fiorentina

The eight days of Benitez with a gift: Di Natale is injured

Allegri grit: ‘Milan, it’s time to climb back up’

Lavezzi opens the door: ‘Inter? Who knows....’ but PSG won’t let go

Roma hope, will Garcia call Totti?

Cairo’s plan: ‘Name the Stadio Olimpico after the Grande Torino side’

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Shameful World Cup draw gives us England and Uruguay, while France get an extremely easy group despite being a long way back in the FIFA rankings

Prandelli: ‘I am not worried’

Our opener is in the Amazon with record humidity against England at 3am Italian time

Spain-Holland straight away to repeat the 2010 Final

The inaugural game will be Brazil-Croatia

No stopping Juve, super Vidal beats Bologna

Chilean scores early on and sets the tone for the Bianconeri

Pioli’s side seek an equaliser, but at the end Chiellini makes it 2-0

Allegri tries to climb back up

Benitez: These are decisive days

Rossi show: ‘Champions League and World Cup, I am ready’

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Italy scare Cavani and Rooney

World Cup draw pits us against Uruguay, England and Costa Rica

Prandelli surprises everyone: ‘I fear Costa Rica and the climate’

It’s a tough group, but within our reach. What a group with Spain, Holland and Chile

Great Juve, you are a cyclone of Six-cess

Bianconeri go six points clear of Roma with their 2-0 at Bologna thanks to Vidal and Chiellini

Conte sets a record with his seventh consecutive victory

El Kaddouri: ‘Now I feel like myself’

Bovo under the knife

Benitez: ‘Now I want a response’

Allegri tries for a fightback at Livorno