Tuesday March 29 2011
Sensi: Support Roma!

Rosella Sensi has told Roma fans to keep showing their support for the club in the hours preceding Thomas Di Benedetto's takeover.

Di Benedetto arrived at Fiumicino on Monday morning and is in the process of completing the purchase of the club for £67.7m.

"Support the team, even more than before," Sensi said.

"I tell the fans to keep supporting the team, to have the same passion as always or actually even more.

"I am convinced that we have done a lot for Roma and that we've also done very well.

"The successes we've achieved are not banal. Who lives in Rome knows how difficult it is to realise these objectives in such a passionate and difficult city.

"A Scudetto in Rome is worth a thousand elsewhere.

Reflecting on her time in charge of Roma, Sensi said: "I have certainly never gone into the dressing room without knocking. Generally the relationship with the players was good, above all with the players who I have grown up with.

Asked to reveal what the future holds, Sensi hinted at becoming a journalist.

"Now I would like to try it, if only for the passion and curiosity. Why not? Perhaps I should try it after being on the other side."

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