Tuesday March 29 2011
Official: Roma takeover deal

Roma and Thomas Di Benedetto have released a formal statement confirming an agreement for the American takeover.

Di Benedetto, who heads a conglomerate ready to buy AS Roma from the Sensi family company Italpetroli and UniCredit Bank, has been in the city for advanced negotiations since Monday.

“Italpetroli S.p.a., UniCredit S.p.a. and Di Benedetto AS Roma LLC announce that negotiations in Rome over the past few days have reached a basic agreement to buy up control of AS Roma S.p.a.” read the statement released late Tuesday night.

“Based on this agreement, the buy-out should be completed by a company made up of 60 per cent Di Benedetto AS Roma LLC and 40 per cent UniCredit S.p.a.

“There is also an option for UniCredit to sell their shares to other strategic Italian investors.

“Over the next few days we will proceed to write out the definitive versions of the agreements reached today, which also include commitments for the reinforcement and future development of AS Roma.

“The signature of this agreement is expected within the next 20 days, allowing Di Benedetto AS Roma LLC to present financial guarantees.

“Until said guarantees and the signatures are finalised, we will not be revealing any further details on the contents of the agreement.”

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