Thursday March 31 2011
Branca on 'Inter's transfer spark'

Technical director Marco Branca explains Inter's position on Lionel Messi, Alexis Sanchez and “when there's that transfer spark.”

Branca spoke to Inter Channel today on working behind the scenes in one of Italy's biggest clubs.

“A move begins when there's that transfer spark in terms of technique and personality. A player has to really impress us a great deal before he is taken into consideration. It means in recent years we've created a squad that can be appreciated as players and as men.

“We always appreciated Messi right from the start of his career, but even then it was clear he had made a decision with his family to stay with Barcelona,” explained Branca.

“It was also out of recognition for the club standing by him in a difficult period of his life.”

This week it was revealed by transfer agent Ernesto Bronzetti that the Nerazzurri made Messi an offer at the age of 17, but he decided to stay, as Barca had paid for expensive treatment for his growth hormone deficiency.

There are other far more realistic targets for Inter this summer, including Udinese starlet Sanchez.

“If Sanchez has to move only for a large cash sum, then it becomes difficult, but if there's a wider discussion to be had then we certainly like the player.

“Nuri Sahin is also an interesting player we have been tracking for a while. He did very well at Borussia Dortmund this year and is one of the options we'll evaluate in the summer.”

Serie A sides are lagging behind in terms of economic power and Branca explained why that is.

“We are penalised by the lack of income from the State and from merchandising, as there are no laws really banning the sale of counterfeit goods.

“I think UEFA should incentivise privatisation of stadiums and a law protecting the merchandising rights of clubs.”

In Italy only Juventus are in the process of building their own stadium, as the others are rented to clubs by the local council.