Sunday April 3 2011
'Beating Palermo is a pleasing habit'

Catania crushed local rivals Palermo 4-0 and President Antonino Pulvirenti is enjoying it. “This is becoming a pleasingly familiar habit.”

The Elefantini have won five of the last seven Sicily derbies, losing only one.

“The victory was important for us and the fact it came with so many goals just makes it even better,” said Catania President Pulvirenti.

“Playing in front of such a marvellous crowd motivated us further, I'd seen them training hard during the week and therefore was confident of the result.

“Beating Palermo by a big margin is becoming a pleasingly familiar habit. There are two huge games in the season for both Sicilian clubs and they are the derbies, so you cannot say Palermo were lacking motivation.

“Today was a wonderful festival of sport. The teasing chants are part of the game and it was great to see the two sets of fans behave in exemplary fashion.

“Clearly there's a while to go before we can secure safety, but seeing the team in this shape we cannot help but be confident.”