Sunday April 3 2011
Zamparini: 'I could recall Rossi'

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini has announced he could sack Serse Cosmi and “bring back Delio Rossi. I'll take the night to decide.”

The patron was furious after their 4-0 defeat to local rivals Catania and, since Rossi was fired, Cosmi has managed one win over Milan and three losses.

“If there is to be a change of management, then Rossi will return,” Zamparini told Gol Sicilia.

“I repeat, the change is very probable and at that point I would call back the former Coach.

“I am thinking of sacking our manager. I certainly cannot rule out this option. Today's choices were absolutely inconceivable.”

Zamparini confirmed he had argued with Cosmi before kick-off over the decision to leave Javier Pastore on the bench after international duty left the Argentine not 100 per cent fit.

“We cannot lose in this manner and it was just embarrassing. I was going crazy seeing the decisions the Coach made.

“You cannot remove Armin Bacinovic when Federico Balzaretti was in far worse shape. I absolutely did not understand the decision to leave out Pastore. These are mistakes an elementary school child wouldn't make.”

After the match, defender Balzaretti came out to the Press area with tears in his eyes, apologising for the own goal.

“I apologise to everyone in the team, the club and the city. If we lost today then I am well aware it is primarily my fault.”