Thursday April 7 2011
Zanetti appeals to 'real Inter fans'

Javier Zanetti launched an appeal to all Inter fans. “Don't be swayed by the criticism. This team has won non-stop for six years.”

The captain took to the airwaves of Inter Channel after a 3-0 defeat to Milan and 5-2 Champions League loss to Schalke 04 stunned supporters.

“The Inter fan must not let himself be swayed by criticism or everything that has been said about the side in the last few days. He must make his own evaluations.

“We players know all too well what happens: when you win, you're a phenomenon. When you lose, you are nothing.

“The real Inter fan, though, understands when a team truly cares and I believe nobody can criticise us for that.”

Their campaign had been soaring under Leonardo, but hit a brick wall with the crunch defeats in Serie A and the Champions League.

“We are all upset at the defeats against Milan and Schalke, but this team has won non-stop for six years. I think some people couldn't wait for us to hit the first problems so they could criticise,” continued Zanetti.

“We know how things work by now and thankfully we have always gone beyond certain talk. I would be amazed if people always praised us, as we'd really have to worry then...”

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