Thursday April 7 2011
Lotito stands up for Reja

President Claudio Lotito defends Lazio Coach Edy Reja against fan protests. “He doesn't understand it and neither do I.”

The Biancocelesti were in the top three for most of the campaign, but have slipped off the pace recently, including a derby defeat to Roma.

“Reja is a sensitive person and a great professional. He brought balance back to the locker room, is achieving the objectives we set out and providing good football,” stated Lotito.

“He proved his worth against Napoli as well, so he has all my respect and admiration.”

That 4-3 defeat at the San Paolo was a controversial game that infuriated Lotito, but now the President has turned his ire on the media and fans.

“Reja does not share the destructive and targeted criticism. We just want to be respected and judged for what we do on the field.

“The Coach doesn't understand this criticism and neither do I. He's quite right to think a lot of this criticism is not really linked to the performances.”