Friday April 8 2011
Guidolin: It's time to believe

Udinese Coach Francesco Guidolin claims it's time his side started believing they can qualify for the Champions League.

Udinese face Roma on Saturday evening in what is being billed as a play-off for fourth place.

However, the Zebrette have doubts about the fitness of key players such as Alexis Sanchez, Toto Di Natale and Mauricio Isla.

"Il Nino doesn't represent the only uncertainty," Guidolin said. "I want to let the necessary time pass before taking the best decision.

"I harbour some doubts about Isla and Di Natale. Unfortunately injuries are unforeseeable situation, but things that inevitably we have to take into account.

"As for our tactics I have several different ideas in mind. I'll decide on the basis of my staff's recommendations.

"Everyone would always like the team to be on top, but if it's not possible we must take action and get the best out of our weapons, such as the qualities, characteristics and all the work that has got us here.

"This is the moment to be strong and to believe in ourselves. We'll keep our heads down and keep pedaling," he concluded.