Sunday November 14 2010
Cassano seeks €1m compensation?

It's reported Antonio Cassano has chosen to counter Sampdoria's contract termination request by demanding €1m compensation for damaging his image.

The matter has gone to arbitration to decide whether Samp can terminate Cassano's contract for insubordination following his blazing row with President Riccardo Garrone.

Until now the player has repeatedly apologised and declared he wants to stay at Marassi, but there could be a change of tack.

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Cassano's lawyers have lodged a request for €1m compensation for the damage done to his public image.

He claims that the air was cleared in a telephone conversation with Garrone after the incident. Only afterwards did the club demand a formal written apology, which Cassano refused to sign.

The arbitration process will first attempt a conciliation, then judge based on the evidence put forward by both parties.

There will also be witnesses called to testify who were present at the infamous argument.

A verdict on whether Samp can terminate his contract should be provided by the end of 2010.