Monday April 11 2011
Reja plays down Roma feud

Lazio boss Edy Reja says the comments he made about refereeing and Roma on Sunday were exaggerated.

Reja caused controversy by arguing that 'many other factors' will determine whether Lazio finish fourth, not just their own form.

He then pointed out that Roma were fortunate to get a penalty during their 2-1 win against Udinese on Saturday evening.

Roma general manager Gian Paolo Montali said: "We have another style. We cannot and will not lower ourselves to such a level."

Asked to explain his comments this afternoon, Reja backpedalled.

"It has all been exaggerated," he snarled. "I simply said that Roma have been lucky.

"In Udine, for example, they could have gone behind, but instead found a decisive goal in the 95th minute.

"In short, they are good and they are fortunate."

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