Thursday April 21 2011
Udinese unhappy with Roman ref

Udinese patron Giampaolo Pozzo has caused controversy by complaining the referee assigned to their game “is from Rome.”

The Friulani face Parma this weekend and are in a battle for position with Roma and Lazio.

“I absolutely do not intend to stir up controversy, but I will consider some things out loud,” said Pozzo.

“We are fighting for access to the Champions League with two Roman clubs and for this reason I say they could've assigned a different official to our game.

“I will say that I'm not just thinking about Udinese, but also referee Paolo Valeri's ability to keep a clear head during the game.

“I have the utmost respect for the professionalism of the Serie A referees and am sure nobody will allow themselves to be swayed by external elements.

“Having said that, considering the importance of what is at stake for all the teams chasing fourth place, I felt it necessary to raise this issue.

“I'm sure Roma and Lazio would feel the same way had a referee from Udine been assigned to their games.”

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