Saturday April 23 2011
Del Neri blames the referee

Gigi Del Neri blamed the referee for the fact Juventus fumbled a 2-0 lead against Catania. “Felipe Melo can't chop his arm off.”

Alessandro Del Piero's brace had put them 2-0 up before half-time, but with the last kick of the game Francesco Lodi curled in the equaliser.

There was anger in the Juve camp, as that free kick had been pushed forward after another set play was charged down in the wall.

“Paolo Bergonzi really messed it up with that free kick decision. Felipe Melo can't chop his arm off,” blasted Del Neri.

“We are penalised by situations on the field and there were six big mistakes. Catania did well, but we must point out the referee did not have a good game. He was inconsistent in his evaluations.

“This is a strange season in which we pay a heavy price for everything that happens. We must increase our concentration.

“A Serie A team cannot waste such clear counter-attacks or goals that are already set up for you.”

Catania could also argue that the opening goal was a controversial penalty for a Pablo Alvarez handling offence that replays failed to entirely clarify.

Del Neri opted to substitute brace hero Del Piero and after that moment Catania began their comeback.

“He was tired. He needs to recuperate and I don't think the team lost its way without him.”