Tuesday November 16 2010
Ronaldinho won't leave Milan

Ronaldinho says he was disappointed not to play in the derby, but insists that he doesn't intend to leave the club.

The 30-year-old Brazil international has lost his place in the team after Massimiliano Allegri decided upon a tactical shift.

"I wasn't happy [on Sunday]," Ronaldinho said. "You can't be happy when you don't play an important game like the derby.

"But I look at the League table and I am happy. Yes, happy.

"Milan are top: they have everything to win the Scudetto. I knew it from the first day of training. I understood that there was a new atmosphere.

"Now the opponents will also have understood."

When asked about his future, Ronaldinho said: "I repeat for the last time. I don't have any intention of leaving Milan.

"Actually I will say more: the victories that I will conquer with the Rossoneri will give me the push to follow my life's dream: that of playing at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

"Take my name off all the transfer market stories. I am happy at Milan. Happy."