Tuesday November 16 2010
Ibra agent to Cruyff: 'Go to hell!'

Johan Cruyff has praised Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but agent Mino Raiola told him to “go to hell! He should be in a mental asylum with Pep Guardiola.”

The extraordinary outburst came after Barcelona advisor Cruyff said he was impressed by Ibra's performance in the Milan derby, believing he was “better suited to Italian football.”

Rather than thank the Dutch legend for the comments, Ibrahimovic's agent replied with a barrage of abuse.

“Cruyff can go to hell! He is a nobody,” Raiola was quoted as saying in Swedish newspaper Expressen.

“He is becoming old and didn't have the courage to continue his management career, as he doesn't know how to train a modern club.

“Why didn't Cruyff tell Zlatan that he wasn't suited to Spanish football before Barcelona signed him?

“I think Cruyff should be in a mental asylum with Guardiola, so they can sit there quietly and play cards together. They would be doing Barcelona a great favour.”